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Any way to find unwatched recordings?

We love, the Contour 2 Record 6 DVR and use it to record almost everything we watch. We don't delete recordings so that other members of the family can watch them if they want.  Unfortunately, the recording list shows all recordings (watched and unwatched) with only two sort options: Most Recent or "A-Z'.

Is there any way to see/find only unwatched recordings?

If not here are some suggestions for improving this area:

- Recordings get automatically added to an automatcially created "Unwatched" Playlist (and automatically removed when watched)

- Add a new sort to Recordings named "Unwatched Most Recent" that only shows unwatched

- Sort unwatched recordings to the top of the Recordings list with any sort option selected

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    We always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback. I’ll pass what you’ve said onto our management team.