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antivirus download fail

Cannot download antivirus I get error on page when I get to the last step to log in to McAffee that reads ---- Unknown error please contact administrator - I have been trying over 30 or more times and keep coming to the same frustrating message - I have a brand new computer and there should be no problem (Windows 10) anyone having the same issue? no antivirus installed -- what is the deal here - the McAffe login Page keeps Redirecting me to a page to purchase the antivirus and it should be free provided by cox on my security suite - anyone --- can you help me? 

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  • I'm sorry for all of the frustration this has caused! When installing Cox Security Suite Plus for the first time, an activation page displays before redirecting to the McAfee My Account page. Are you logging into with your primary Cox User ID?

  • Yes, my experience exactly.  They promise to "put in an order" (twice) but nothing changes.  I have tired 7 times now.  I keep letting them know via chat. However, they have no idea how to solve this.  SO>>>>>>i Keep having to close the annoying red window that says my antivirus has expired.  VERY FRUSTRATED.  STARTING TO HATE COX AS MUCH AS TIME WARNER!

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    Hello. If the email you are using for the forums is the same as the email tied to your account, you may have to synchronize your Cox email to your Cox account. You can do this by logging into using the primary login, go to the Users & Email Accounts tab, and select create email account. Once that task has been completed, try activating and downloading the McAfee Security Suite again. Please let us know if you continue to have any issues.