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Another Rate Increase

Just received a nice friendly text from Cox that my monthly bill was coming due.  Gave themselves a nice 6.4% bump adding another $5 per month to my rate following a similar increase 12 months ago.  In return I get crappy slow service, sharing my bandwidth with all my neighbors, particularly in the evenings.  Just a few months ago, when my service was already crappy, cox came out, dug a nice trench in my yard then, ran a line under the street to my neighbor across the street even though the house on each side of them has cox service already.  So apparently, those neighbors must already have even crappier service than me so they (COX) elected to slow mine down even more and run a line across the street.  Pretty sick and tired of this bs.  Maybe it is time to try century link.  Cox gives themselves an increase every year but service gets continually worse.  You will of course blame my router or my modem even though they are both relatively new and still gave same crappy speeds and sporadic service drops as the old ones.  Where does the customer fit in customer service cox?  I sure miss mesa cableamerica who cox bought out and ruined.

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    We can look into this for you. Please email us at with your account information.

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