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Another Price Hike?

I'm now being charged $82.99 per month for Preferred Internet service. Every time I measure my download speeds, they clock in at 45Mbps or less.

CenturyLink has 40Mbps plans for $34.95 per month, guaranteed price for 2 years.

Why should I keep paying $82.99 per month for 45Mbps from Cox when I can get 40Mbps from CenturyLink for $34.95 per month?

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  • Hello KPT,

    Our internet forums is intended for technical support, but not billing. For billing questions and account concerns, please contact Cox. You may also email us at with your name, and address, and we can take a look at your account.

    Are you measuring your speedtest from our cox website with a wired or wireless device to the WiFi Modem?