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another issue with f**d.../er...."upgraded" email

yesterday evening i was told the reason my outgoing email from my email client to my husband's cox email address was flipping from our dominant email to my email and then not going was because of "maintenance in my area," well it went 20 minutes earlier!  and of course no notice.

well she was correct.  today it worked again.

BUT today...this "wonderful"  email app suite is not functioning correctly in a DIFFERENT way than i've seen before. my inbox does not appear when i go to that website.  i have to click on another box...trash, spam....which is full of legit stuff & not the real spam unless i put it there...and THEN click on inbox and it magically appears. 

any moderator out there got any input on this?  any eta when it will be fixed?  at least tell me cox is aware of it.  i'm tired of calling support every night about something.  i feel bad for the poor folks who answer & all they can do is appologize.

it's not their fault! has cox ever looked up the definition of "communications?"

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  • webmail still not displaying inbox mail unless i click a different box first, then inmail.

    now, if i click to read something in a mail that takes me to a website, when i come back, i have to do that also.

    ALSO as of this afternoon, when i mark something for trash, it removes the content but does not remove the mail from the list.

    oddly enough...after all the incompatibility issues i've had with my ipad works normally there.

    two months now & it's some new inconvenience every day. are they ever going to get this right? i've used this email for 24+ years & it will be a real hassle to try & change to gmail or something, but it looks like i'd better start looking.