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Anaheim Ducks NHL Game Blacked Out on Center Ice in Vegas

Dear Cox,

The Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings are no longer in market teams in Las Vegas. We have a hockey team now, and Ducks games should not be blacked out on the out of market package. Tonight, it was blacked out as I'm guessing you'll also do with the Kings.

I know you don't have the Knights station, but you're not allowed to black out the California teams any more.

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  • JasonCable

    Unfortunately each broadcaster makes the decision to blackout a game or not. We have no say-so.

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    According to the "Blackout Detector" on, the only NHL team blacked out in the LV market for 2017-2018 is the Golden Knights (which Cox is now showing on Channel 313/1313.  I recall reading that the Kings and Ducks surrendered their rights to the LV market and will try to locate that article for you.  However, the Kings and Ducks games should not be blacked out on NHL Center Ice.  If these teams still had rights in LV, their games would have been on Channels 1049 and 1050 but they were not tonight.  Those channels had substitute programming in lieu of King and Ducks.

    Please escalate this iissue to a management level as there appears to be internal confusion at Cox on this topic.  Thank you.

  • Cox is a massive seller and part owner of the InDemand Center Ice package yet it sounds like they're going to do nothing to provide the correct service to customers. That's horrible.

    Jason and Ditto are correct that Cox should contact and put pressure on the InDemand team to inform them they are hurting their business by not updating their blackouts now that Las Vegas is out of the LA/Anaheim market. Las Vegas residents who pay for Cox can't see Kings/Ducks games on FSW or Prime Ticket nor can they get them on Center Ice after paying extra for that.

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    Hi Everyone,

    An agreement has been reached with the Golden Knights and AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain is now broadcasting on 313/1313 in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

    I have submitted a ticket to have the NHL blackout rights reviewed for the sports package. Please allow up to 48 hours for any changes to take effect. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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    Ducks-Calgary game appears to be on Center Ice tonight.  Maybe they've resolved the issue.