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amber alerts on cox TV

Why are my shows interrupted by this alert 4 times last night, it over rode my ability to shut off the cable box and about blew out my hearing aids with the sound level broadcasted with the alert. i have has cable with COX for almost 20 years and this has never happened before, it is also not a requirement of the government, as suggested by one of the moderators, it is an option, the only thing mandatory is a presidential notice.

i highly doubt that any such alert will find anyone in my living room and i don't expect that i will run out of the house at 9:30 PM to look around the area.  

i would like to Opt-Out of any amber alerts, and if i cannot, i may have to consider other options to your service 

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    all tv is required to do amber alerts no opt out

  • Hi Richard,

    I certainly understand your frustration regarding multiple interruptions. Did the Alert message specify it was a test, or was there a real emergency?

    The FCC requires all broadcast stations and cable companies to install and maintain Emergency Alert System (EAS) equpiment that automatically interrupts TV programming with emergency alert info. The FCC requires us to test once a week, on random days and times, between 8:30am & local sunset. Four tests in a row, however, is unusual.

    More information and FCC contact data can be found at