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am i stuck using the modem

I have the internet modem/box contraption for phone and internet service.  but my phone only works when plugged into it, not any of my wall phone outlets.  am I stuck using the box for my base?  kind of a problem having my base unit stuck behind my TV...

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    The phone modem must be connected to the cable, if I'm reading this correctly, your only cable connection is behind the TV? If you want to relocate the modem, you must provide a cable run to provide signal. If you have access to a phone jack, you should be able to connect from the modem to the jack, activating all other jacks in the home.

  • Hi Stone,

    Try this test. Connect one end of a phone cord into the Tel 1/2 port on the back of the modem, and plug the other end into a phone wall jack. Now plug the phone cord to your base phone unit into another phone wall jack. Do you get dial tone on the phone?