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Am I getting the correct firmware pushed to my modem?

I have a SB6183 but when I go on the website it says my device is a Model:RGI6183. I'm wondering if there is a difference at all. Because I have consistently been having upstream packet loss throughout the day and I'm just grasping at straws at this point. I've had techs come out on numerous occasions with no resolution.

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    What you are seeing is the name of the modem that Cox gives it inside their database. The R stands for retail. Firmware is usually upgraded automatically after a few days of the modem being connected to Cox. Also, I have not heard of any SB6183 firmware glitches. What firmware are you running now?

    Also, are you in Arizona?

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    Not at home at the moment so I can't really say right now. But no, I'm over in Florida. I'm just experiencing the same kind of packet loss issues that I see come up in the forums frequently. Tons of uncorrectables(thousands) after just a couple hours uptime.