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All emails disappeared from cox server in past 2 days

All my emails have disappeared from Cox server starting yesterday, and they continue to disappear every 5 minutes. My pop server account on my older Win 7 machine still has all my old emails, but every 5 minutes, the emails coming in from Cox are deleted from the Cox server. My IMAP devices now show no emails as they sync to the cox server which is deleting all my emails. My POP server account in advanced setting is set up to not remove emails from the Cox server, so I can't figure out what is going on. My IMAP devices are turned off, yet the Cox emails continue to be deleted every 5 minutes. I've turned off my POP server email account, and the emails are still being deleted every 5 minutes from the cox web mail account. Cox level 2 phone tech support said it had to be in my IMAP devices, but since I've turned them both off (one phone and one Win 10 PC ) and the emails are still being deleted from my webmail account, It can't be my IMAP devices. This is really bad, as I need to leave my POP account computer on now full time or I am having emails deleted before I ever read them.

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    @mark allen

    The behavior you're describing is consistent with the default behavior for POP3 clients. I suspect either you have a POP3 client you're not aware of pulling your mail or the leave message on server setting is not working correctly. Simple way to work around the problem is to change your email password and only provide it to the devices you want to have email access.