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All Digital equals No Service?

Cox sent me a Mini Box and said now I had all digital service.  I Installed it and Now I don't have many of my channels.  I subscribe to the Economy package.  Cox now says The Minin Box is not compatible with that package and now  I have to upgrade to get  my channels?  Why?

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    Economy is a special package that includes some channels from the Essentials tier. The mini-box cannot pick up channels from 2 different tiers, thus a mini-box with the Economy package will not get many channels.

  • Hi Confused001,

    Cox TV Economy includes a variety of channels ranging across video service levels, as well as access to PPV and a handful of networks within the On DEMAND library. Since the mini box is a one-way receiver and cannot be configured for all of these services, the TV Economy channel lineup will not work correctly using a mini box. An outlet connected to a Cox Mini Box will only receive channels assigned to the Starter lineup. To receive all of the TV Economy channels, an advanced digital receiver or CableCARD is required.