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again we are getting a constant "flashing modem/LAN lite"

Once again the local Cox® engineers have "turned-on" the "flashing modem lite" for the LAN connection.  A while back they "fixed" it, then we had an ice-storm recently with the weather, and it is back.  This needs to be fixed as it was before the ice-storm.  It seems to be interfering with our local LAN devices, which are electronic OTA (antenna) TV tuners, wired to ethernet straight (not wifi), and in use for several years here, made by .  I can only be reached via email (e.g. no phone calls, I am disabled)  .  I "smell" some sort of "spy operation" with the way they have their network running, and this has already ruined any trust I have with Cox®.  Kindly forward this note on to proper personnel (no Chat available at the moment, and I need to get some shuteye at odd times also thru-out the day/nite).

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  • Hi P-D-S,

    I want to ensure I understand which light is blinking. You said the light that is flashing is for the LAN connection. Are you referring to one of the numbered ethernet ports on the modem, labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4?

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    We never did get email from you-all during all this time.

    I must re-iterate, this LAN lite is STILL flashing, and STILL interfering with the local OTA TV tuners (HDHomeRun units made by

    Right at this moment I have the LAN ethernet cable wired to the #4 port.  For testing purposes, whatever LAN port I connect it to, that is the port which begins to flash (immediately when connections are joined).

    Still on disability, I am only here because it's near time to do the monthly bill payment, and I must go lay down again.

    Once again, Use EMail ONLY please.