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adjusting font size


Yesterday I had COX CONTOUR installed and the Font size is too small. Hjs there anything I can do to increase it?

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    As of 8/31/16 update Contour 2 does have the ability to change the font size in the guide. Below see partial answer I gave to travelgirl on post she made on 9/10/16-thread title Contour 2.

    As of 8/31/16 there was an update to the system that added something called Guide Readability. It is buried in the settings but I will try to tell you how to access it. Press Contour button(the menu) on remote.  Side arrow until you get to an icon of a gear-this is the settings. Press OK. Down arrow until you get to LABS.  Press OK. Down arrow to Guide Readability. Press OK. There you will find 4 options. What you will see first is probably Default Guide and a picture above that will show you what the guide will look like as you go to the other options.. Press the right side arrow on the remote and that will get you to Option 1, which has a larger font. Another press of side arrow goes to Option 2, another press of side arrow goes to Option 3. Another press goes back to Default. Option 1 has larger font that Default and Option 2 and 3 I think have even larger fonts. Once you decide on an Option press OK and see how you like it. You can go back and try selecting each Option until you find the one you like.

  • Hi Keddy,

    Thank you very much for educating us on the new Guide Readability options available for Contour 2 devices! The Contour 2 product team slipped this feature into the Labs menu for "live" testing. Once testing has been completed, the Guide Readability options may move to the Accessibility menu within Settings. Increasing the Guide font size was the most-requested Contour 2 feature change, so we're glad to be able to add this functionality for our customers.