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Adding my voice - not surround output from mini-boxes...

After a great customer experience on Saturday with Cox Solutions store at the Lynnhaven location in Virginia Beach, just had an online chat with a rep about an issue I already knew about, but wanted to get on record about my dissatisfaction.

When Cox made the choice to go all digital and start requiring these mini-boxes for even the most basic of service, one thing they did was configure the boxes to output stereo only.

While hooked directly into a TV is not so much of an issue, when you run your signal though an A/V receiver, there is no surround sound at all. Cox knows about this, and the only fix at this time is to rent a higher priced box.

Personally, I do not feel it's right for them to charge more to get something that was standard through even the most basic cable service, and is FREE to anyone with an over-the-air antenna. My complaint has been forwarded to corporate, so we'll see how that goes...

Thanks to this forum for giving me a heads up about this issue.

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  • Hi Orbi-wa,

    Welcome to the Cox Forums! Thanks very much for posting your feedback regarding the mini box surround sound issue. We've heard similar feedback from quite a few folks as we've transitioned to an all-digital network. Our video managers consider all requests when planning for future hardware changes and updates. Thanks again!

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    So you're saying that if (and hopefully, when) this feature is finally added, current mini-box users can be upgraded/updated automatically?


  • Hi Orbi-wa,

    It's possible. However, we have no further information at this time.