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Account held for ransom by Cox

Apparently Cox has raised my rates (again) and this time the reason has me quite upset.  They state that since I have not subscribed to any of their other "services", they are raising my Internet rate.  No other reason is given.  No improvement in reliability, no upgrade in speed, just that I have not subscribed to phone or video service.  This is what happens when a company has a virtual monopoly.  Since I am not paying them more money for services I neither want nor need, they are just going to take more money.  I am beyond disappointed.  But since they have a monopoly here in AZ, I have no recourse.  This, even though I have been a Cox Internet subscriber for years, is how I am treated. Tomorrow I will again research new ways to receive internet access.  Perhaps Verizon has reached my area.  I will not recommend Cox to anyone again.  

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    This forum is primarily intended for the discussion of technical issues among peers. Billing and account issues require the sharing of sensitive information to resolve which isn't best suited for a public forum. Please email us at with your account details and we'd be happy to assist you with this.

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    I couldn't agree more. How many times are they going to continue to raise their rates while providing the same exact service. This has gotten absolutely ridiculous. Taking more money because I don't bundle more services is a slap in the face to long time loyal customers. This makes me sick!