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Accessing my employers intranet while VPNing, I cannot get to sites such as http://paystub

Instead I get redirected to the Cox search pages with results for "paystub"

When I use this computer on Comcast or my AT&T hotspot, I don't have this problem and am properly redirected to my company's internal paystub site.

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    Opting out of the Enhanced Error Results should help with this. Visit for more information. If you have a router you can use those DNS server addresses there to apply them to your entire home network.

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    Are you sure your VPN is set up correctly?  It should be over-riding Cox's DNS servers.

    Is your VPN a hardware or software solution?

    It does seem weird that you are not using the VPN's DNS servers - I have no problem with any of the VPNs I use here, even if I activate it on my primary router.