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Accessing Cox web mail outside the United States

I recently was on a Danube River Cruise that went to 4 countries in Europe from Hungary to Germany.  I was unable to access my web mail account because Cox has added another layer of security.  The added security  requires the last 4 digits of my SSN.  However, after several tries entering the last 4 digits of my SSN and my wife's, we were unsuccessful.  When I returned in early November, I called Cox tech support to resolve the issue for future travel.  After elevating the problem, the tech support rep told me that Cox does not routinely capture the SSN number and she stated that she could not add the SSN to my account.  The Tech rep told me that I needed to visit the nearest Cox store and add my SSN to the account. My question is "Since Cox does not have SSNs for most customers, why doesn't Cox use the 4-digit PIN number instead of SSN for the extra layer of security?"

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    Since Cox's email servers are now outsourced to a unknown party, and access to these servers from outside the US require a SSN, does that mean Cox is giving out the SSN of all it's customers to a unknown email 3rd party? 

    I would suggest finding a different email provider. Cox email is no longer secure IMO. 

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    Hi DR Shaw, we always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback.  I'll pass what you've said on to our Management Team.  Thank you