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Access to Fox Sports Now Online Stream

I was not able to access the online Fox Sports Now stream.  I get the channel Fox 1 Sports on my cable box so this is part of my subscription.  The Fox Sports Now online stream is supposed to be available to any COX subscriber who signs in with their COX user name and password if the subscriber is authorized to receive the channel on their cablebox.  The Fox site accepts my COX logon credentials but says this channel is not part of my lineup and I am not authorized to view it.

Although I am entitled to this channel on my cable box, the signal is marginal and the program breaks up from time to time so I would like to access the upcoming world series game on my computer.

Anyone else having trouble getting the Fox Sport online stream using their COX signon credentials?

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    Please open the link below on the computer that you're streaming from and then scroll down to the Fix Sports Go link and see if you can sign in there.

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