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Access to ESPN, History channel

I have fire tv and I'm using COX as my internet provider.  I'm being blocked from accessing different apps such as the History channel and ESPN even after registering with COX successfully.  My question is where in the access being denied?  When I pick a show to watch I get noAuthz close.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    First, what are you trying to watch? ESPN1, ESPN2. or ESPN3 content? 

    Also, do you subscribe for a TV package with Cox that includes ESPN? Is it the same account that your Cox email username is on that you are signing in with? 

    Finally, have you activated the FireTV app through ESPN? See instructions here.

    In general, this ESPN FAQ may help. 

  • Hi Rpstjn,

    Do you subscribe to ESPN and the History Channel through Cox or another television provider?