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Access ESPN3???

How about some clear cut directions - I have your premier internet - no cable tv - what steps do I take to log into espn3.

Do I go to:  Seems like when i do that it changes to the espn watch. All the replies I see around here dont seem to directly answer the questions.

Can you direct me to the section that explains step by step how to access ESPN3 please??

Thank you

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  • Hi DreamOn, is part of the WatchESPN platform. Your subscription to the Premier Tier of Cox High Speed Internet provides you with access to ESPN3 programming online at There are two types of programming available via ESPN3/WatchESPN; some require a subscription to ESPN TV services, while some do not.  Most sporting events that air on the WatchESPN platform live, even if they originally aired on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU, are available on-demand from ESPN3 after the event ends for a period of up to 30 days. Please let us know if you have further questions.