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Access Denied "You do not have permission to access..."

Recently random unrelated sites have returned "Access Denied"  "You do not have permission to access...[URL]"  same sites, multiple computers in the same household.

I am not currently blocking any sites manually.  Rebooted/Reset (not factory) the router.  Flushed the DNS.  Contacted one of the affected websites (  They looked at their end and found nothing "Contact your ISP" was their reply.

Anyone else encountering this issue?

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    Contributor III works for me on cox do you have a modified hosts file?  contact cox

  • It even happens on some *.gov sites.  It didn't start that way, but now the list seems to be growing.

  • Hello VaultDweller, This sounds like a setting has defaulted on or was turned on in error. Are you able to take a laptop and direct connect it to the modem to perform a test to rule out any potential router settings? If not able to do so, you may need to default the router to see if this helps.
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    I had this problem, I found out that assigning yourself "Owner/Administrator privileges" and 'Allow Allin the settings area' might stop the Issue. Good luck!