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AC1900 Automatically Restart

I have the ultimate plan for internet. The AC1900 modem will just automatically restart, sometimes every 5 mins and at least 10x/day (I cannot count the numbers when we're sleeping.) This has been happening since early December. Cox already  tried putting a mocha filter and changed the modem last week but still the same thing. We tried observing the pattern if it's related to any electronics connected to it like iPad, laptop or PS4, but it will still restart even there nothing connected to it. I tried swapping the power source and the cable connected it it but the same thing.

So the first person who visited our place said that "he is getting the same problem from at least 4 costumers that he serviced. He said that it's has been a problem of cox since they become digital". The last person who visited us d need that allegations and changed the modem. I'm not sure if it's really cox, modem or our house connection. We are moving to a new house on February and if I will get the same issue, I will certainly get a different provider. I can tolerate the disconnection, but I can't have my kids getting frustrated getting disconnected intermittently and bugging me all day. 

I know that you can check my connection/disconnection logs and will understand me how bad it is. 

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    From this end all looks well with the signal levels being reported although the modem itself isn't suitable for Ultimate Tier Internet service. With that in mind I'd suggest swapping the device at one of our solutions stores for one that is suitable for you subscribed speeds and seeing if that also helps with the other issues you're seeing.