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About the order

I ordered Contour Flex (with HD contour receiver) and Internet Essential (with single band modem).

But, technician brought dual modem and installed only the dual band modem without HD contour receiver.

Later I found that the there was a some kind of system error. (by talking with the clerk in the COX website). So I ordered HD receiver again.


I am not sure about this (maybe you could monitored the phone call record), but when I'm finalizing my order, one of the clerk (855-261-0815) noticed me that I should pay $~72/month including tax. BUT now, I don't know why but the monthly fee has been raised up to $~76/month. Well something is probably wrong. I want this to be fixed as I expected at the time of the order.


I don’t know why and how COX arbitrarily changed my order without ANY notification.

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    Since the post isn't technical in nature, I will be locking this thread.