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Ability to see signal levels and auto tune HD missing on Contour 1 box

I recently traded in my old failing Scientific Atlanta DVR and they gave me a Contour 1 box.  I like the new box better because the guide is superior to the old SA Rovi guide.  But, I have two things I could do with my old box that I can't with my new one.

1. The old Rovi software would allow you to turn on a setting to "auto tune HD" channels.  For example, if I want to watch ESPN here on channel 33, I just tapped 33 on my remote and it went to the HD channel.  No more annoying 1033 to get to HD.  A very nice feature that I can't find on the Contour 1.  Not sure why they would take this away.  Am I missing something in the settings?

2.  Also on the old box I could tune to channel 1999 and see my tuner and other signal levels listed in DBs, along with the signal to noise ratio.  This is useful in diagnosing issues if you are having pixilation or stuttering sound.  Also don't see this on the Contour 1.  Not sure why they would want to hide these useful features.  



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  • These features are not available on the first version of Contour. The auto-tune to hd feature is available on the latest version of Contour though. On contour 1 you can press the yellow A key once tuned to the standard-def version and then it should tune to the hd version.

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  • Brian, are you talking about the Contour 2 then? I have this feeling that will cost more. I called billing and they said I could pick up a 2 at the Cox store near me and said my bill wouldn't change since I am not changing services. When I was at the actual Cox store last Saturday they gave me the Contour 1 because they said the 2 would cost more. Makes no sense to me. All I want is a box that has the features of my old one and am not changing my service, so it seems it should be the same price. Could I possibly PM you to see if I can get this done?
  • Yes, this would be contour 2. Pricing is typically the same unless you were under some kind of special pricing tied to your current services. We can double check for you if you would like. Email our team at with your full name, home address and a link to this thread.

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