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72631, No answer to availability of Cox internet services.

June 26th, 2017, I contacted Cox to find out if the house I wanted to buy had Cox internet service.  I was told "sure just let us know 10 days ahead of time so we can get someone out there to connect it for you as the address has not had service before, but we can do it." Ok.  Went to the Rogers Arkansas store directly, was told "sure I will submit a ticket for your transfer of service, since you have had our service for five years.  You might have to disconnect at your previous residence and then start new service, but it won't be a problem we will just add your address in the system and send a tech out." So...I bought the place.  I never heard any answer to any of my service requests and I have been on the phone many times trying to find the answer.  47 Summit drive 72631 has Cox service, less than a mile down road from here, residents have Cox service.  Since I have been waiting for an answer, my only option here is a very expensive, very slow, capped at 50GB per month, intermittent Satellite connection with a pole in my yard.  Only one company for an option.  Cox told me that they were available at this address, 41 Ridge Road, 72631.  If not, then I have been lied to the entire time.  My husband attends college online, everything we do is online, Amazon movies, Netflix, any type of streaming is not available to us now.  Had I known this was not an option, I would not have bought this house.  I want to know when Cox is going to be in this area, since half of it is already.  The FCC is conducting special funding to bridge the gap between those of us who CAN have broadband in America, and those of us you refuse to service.  I have emailed all the FCC officers and commissioners and stated what is going on here.  There are over 140 people in this subdivision, this house was built in 1990, it is NOT a new subdivision at all.  Who do I contact above the run around I have received from customer service reps for the last month? Grants are being given by the FCC for all companies that participate in bridging this gap for pockets of areas that you refuse to service even though its less than a mile away and on Holiday Island which is also zip code 72631.  There is no reason we should have to live in the stone age being told only one company is here and that is the only option, when Cox is just down the street. What do we, as an entire subdivision, need to do in order to remedy this situation? Who do we contact? 

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  • Hi Historylocked,

    This forum is primarily intended for the discussion of technical issues among peers. Billing and account issues require the sharing of sensitive information to resolve which isn't best suited for a public forum. It appears you’ve already reached out to us via email. To avoid any confusion we will continue to assist on that platform.