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6 recordings?

A few days ago, we upgraded to the new Contour2 system.    I noticed last night that it looks like we were limited to only 3 recordings at a time.   My wife was watching a recorded program on the "host" box.  I was watching regular TV on another "guest" box.   At 9:00, my TV changed channels automatically to one of the programs that was being recorded.  When I tried to change the channel, it said something to the effect that all tuners are in use and if I change the channel the recording will be lost.

So, we looked on the host TV and we had only 3 recordings going on at that time.   I used to have this same problem back in the days when you could only record 2 shows at a time.   Then we got the first version of Contour and never had a problem recording up to 6 shows at once.  Now with the new Contour2, it seems we're limited to 3 (or something).

We have one host Contour and 2 guest boxes.  We also have 2 miniboxes.    5 TVs in all.   Any ideas?

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  • Hello TulsaUser,

    When viewing the Scheduled recordings on the Hose receiver, how many recordings were set to record at 9:00? Do you recall if the other client receiver was powered on at the time this encounter happened?

    To see if you can repeat this error, I would recommend powering down the 2 client receivers, and with the Host receiver schedule 6 future recordings that occur at the same block of time.

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    I still have my Contour 1.  Every few days, i get a Missed Recording with the message "This program failed because it conflicted with another high-priority recording".   Very confusing. I only had 2 shows recording at that time (not 7) so it should have easily recorded both shows.  Of course,  Contour 1 does not offer a feature called "high priority recording" so the message makes no sense. 

    When i had this happen the first time, i set up my DVR to record 6 shows starting at the next half-hour.  To test whether i was really getting 6?  I did get 6.   Then tried it again and got all 6.  

    Altho i still get some Missed Recordings from time to time..

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    Happens to me too, yak. Not too often though.Contour 1 occasionally goes Brain Dead.

    But after reading the various comments about Contour 2, I'm afraid to upgrade.