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5.1 Surround Sound through HDMI on Contour 2

According to this Cox link ( and every possible configuration I've tried, you can't pass full 5.1 surround sound through the HDMI on the Contour 2 receiver. It's only stereo sound. Are there any plans for updating the firmware to allow a manual bitstream audio option for HDMI? It's absurd that the "latest and greatest" from Cox doesn't pass the best audio signal over HDMI when my 6 year old DVR receiver before Contour did it with ease. Having to setup this box with a digital optical cable for surround sound has really complicated my home theater setup and requires multiple remotes and multiple input switches on multiple devices, making using it a chore.

Please update Contour 2 to pass full 5.1 surround sound via HDMI with a MANUALLY SELECTED bitstream option from the menus for users. Do NOT let the box "auto-select" audio!

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  • Suede

    Please send the model number of the Contour 2 box that you're trying to set up with the 5.1. I was going to suggest that you use an optical cable but it sounds like it's complicating things for you.

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    According to the link you referenced, there was another link at the bottom to change the audio on the Contour 2 Receiver.

    Apparently, there is supposed to be another pane under the HDMI setting to choose either Surround or Stereo.

    6.  Use the left and right arrows to select Surround Sound or Stereo, then press OK