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5.1 Audio Sync Issues

I am in the Hampton Roads market and have an issue that popped up sometime yesterday.

I have a contour 2 setup. Have had no issues at all until Tuesday evening and all the boxes (1 main and 2 receivers) have out of sync audio when set to surround sound. All fine when set to stereo. It's on all channels. Kind of making my surround sound setup useless.

Presently, anything I recorded on Monday night plays back with the audio in sync, but watching anything live or recorded on Tuesday night has out of sync 5.1 audio.

Something going on with the signal or perhaps a software update on the boxes that is causing this?  

I gave up my TiVo setup because of the inability of any CSR or tech to get Sports Pak 2 to work with it.  I have been happy with the Contour setup but am now questioning that decision.

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    Hi, it appears that we've gotten in touch with you over Twitter and we can continue the conversation using that channel.  Thanks