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So I have cox and hd service with a cable card and TiVo.

I called cox to see if I am getting 4K tv. She said yes it comes through the cable card and doesn’t cost extra.

I called back to verify and was told cox does not have 4K.

I called back and was told they DO have 4K.

I’m lost.


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    Hello ArizonaDon,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media team. I apologize that you received mixed information. At this time Cox does not support 4K programming for broadcast or cable network channels or On DEMAND. Existing receivers are not capable of supporting 4K technology. Cox will continue to explore areas where new technology provides deeper value to our customers. As these values continue to develop, Cox will continue to evaluate 4K content availability. Thanks
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    Is it safe to assume the cox will not support 4K or Amazon echo anytime in the near future?

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    Hi Dboseperson

    At this time we don't have any updates or information on whether we will start to support 4k or the Amazon echo.