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403-Forbidden message

Within the last 10 days I've been getting a 403-Forbidden message when I access certain areas of the local online edition of the newspaper.  I get this message when I try to respond to editorials as well as logging in.  A mind boggle, the paper only allows a certain number of free readings.  After that it prompts me to enter my login credentials.  When this page appears I can log in.  However, if I try to log in to respond to editorials it hits me with the 403 message.  I've run all types of scans, changed search providers and still get the same 403.  It may be coincidence but I've also been getting date sites appearing at end of articles...things like "far east girls want to meet you" ads.  Any help will be appreciated.  I am still running Windows XP so I'm aware this could be a problem.  Any ideas will be appreciated.  

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    " I am still running Windows XP so I'm aware this could be a problem. "

    Bingo!  Probably a issue with HTTPS. Windows XP isn't supported by Microsoft anymore, so it doesn't get the updates required to use the security the site uses to protect your information. See here to test HTTPS inside your browser. 

    Also, it sounds like you might have malware. If the malware was proxy, or spying, on your traffic, that might also explain the 403 error. Check out Malwarebytes and ESET Online scanner(Click Scan Now). If you are still getting popups try creating a post at

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    Error 403 is definitely not a connection issue as it is a valid response from the server you are trying to connect to.  @Technowhelp has a valid point, weird advertisements being injected into websites are a possible sign of malware or browser hijacking.  I'd try using a different device to access the website to see if you get the 403-Forbidden errors on that device as well.