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4 visits and TiVos still do not work

Cox new install on 8/11/16.  The tech ran out of here like his backside was on fire... I had to practically beg to get the internet password, asked if I could test the 2 TiVos before he left and he made up some bull that they would have to sync with the internet before they would work.  (not true... the internet is needed for the TV schedule, but the tuners should work.)  We found we had very few channels.  The tuning adapters were both flashing yellow.  We called - another appointment on 8/16. The guy showed up and wouldn't even look at the situation saying he "hadn't ever worked on TiVo."  He set an appointment for his "supervisor."  Supervisor showed up on 8/17 and was here for 3 hours.  Still nothing... tuning adapters still flashing.  The supervisor loaned us some Contour DVRs which have only made me miss my TiVo more.  The supervisor was supposed to return today, but he never showed.  We called and he sent someone else.  That guy sent showed up, unplugged and re-plugged the tuning adapters and then basically implied that it "** to you" and that "we'll never get TiVo to work."  (which is odd... Cox advertises using TiVo with their service... )  We still have no working TiVos - BUT... Cox has our bill ready to be paid.  Anyway, I'm about to cancel the entire Cox service and get something else unless I can be assured that my TiVos will work and that I quit getting the run around from the entirely 3rd party technicians.  I am happy to provide one more chance, or else I want to cancel everything, get my money back / bill and contract canceled.  Please let me know where to go from here.

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    I would call tech support/installation technician and manually install the cablecard.  Once the card is installed got to Tivo --CableCard--CableCard Decoder-- then CableCard options.   CableCard Pair contains the info needed for the Cox tech (you)  to pair the CableCard. The phone tech will ask you what the numbers are on CableCard ID, Host ID, etc.     After the card is paired, then it's time to get the adapter to work.   Should just be a simple connect and send signal to box.  

    If the Tivo is already paired, run by the Cox store and pick up a new box.  The new/old box might be defective.

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    make sure they validate it also or no copy protected  channels

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    I have been a TIVO (a total of 4 DVR's + 2 MINI's) + COX user in Kansas for close to 3 years and have run into a number of hiccups along the way.

    (1) I can take almost two days for the data for the TIVO to be updated from TIVO and all updates to install, until this process is finished you will never be able to get the TIVO to work.

    (2) Make sure that the cable lead is being split using a splitter and not being run through the digital tuner adapter and that the USB cable is connected to the TIVO!  I had an installer who forgot to run the cable lead to the TIVO as he thought that the signal was through the USB...

    (3) Write down the serial numbers from the digital tuner adapter and cable card and then sitting in front of a machine and have your remote handy and call the support line and ask for a TIVO Specialist (as your average installer / CSR is not trained in the working of a TIVO).  Make sure you do not get ZERO and "O"h mixed up as you will need to provide the into to support.

    (4) Drink some decaf and Be patient! The TIVO and the "DTA" may need to be cold booted a couple of times (aka: power removed for 20+ seconds and repowered up.)