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(4) mini boxes

I am using this platform to convey my complete satisfaction with the tech dept. I recently ordered and installed (4) mini boxes and realized not all my channels transferred. I contacted support and was disconnected twice before any resolution. They did not call back. I was not happy at all. I completed a not so nice survey At this point, I called back a third time, asked for a manager. Derrick listen to my issues (frustration), resolved the channel issues AND informed which phone numbers was listed. One number was inactivated and the other straight to voicemail. This was totally my fault and I have to commend the Cox Comm staff for being very professional and helpful even while dealing with a difficult customer (me). I hope this statement get in the appropriate hands and I can right a wrong for a bad survey. Kudos, and thank you to everyone who assisted me. Customers are not always right. sincerely, A very Happy customer

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    @Very Happy

    I'm glad to here you were able to get the assistance you needed. If we can help with anything else let us know.