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$30 increase in TV service

I received my bill for next month, which is $30 more than last month. I contacted the customer service department who transferred me to customer loyalty who basically told me "tough luck", there "can't" do anything to lower my bills.

I have 2 issues here.

1) They said, well it was explained to you when you signed up that there would be an increase after 12 months. No, no it wasn't. I was told it was a 2 year contract with "prices locks" so my bill would be x amount for 24 months. Nothing was EVER said about a 12 month increase, and if it had been, I probably would not have signed up for the bundle that I have

2) I was told there is nothing comparable to what I have in terms of bundles and that "new" customers, would  not even be able to get the "Deal" that I have. Again, not true. I went to the website, looked up bundles, and found a bundle that is comparable, and maybe even lower than what I was paying for the last 12 months. Anyone have luck resolving this type of issue with COX? there is no way I am going to pay $360 more a year for TV and internet. That is absolutely ridiculous .

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