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I frequently get a error on the NBC Nightly News (and sometimes on other shows, but not often). It shows that the news was recorded (minutes shown), but won't play. This has been going on for some time, but I hoped that when Cox did some rewiring at Carlyle Place where we live that it would solve the problem. It didn't.

Any easy solutions? I am hoping I don't have to replace my Contour box, since I have a number of series set up that I would have to re-do (and since some aren't currently playing, I'll have to check back every 7-10 days to see if they have started back).

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  • Do you just have 1 box or are you attempting to watch from a secondary/client box?

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    Hi Charles50,

    I will need to review the account and the equipment. Please email us with the account details and a link to this post to

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    Charles, I am glad you posted this.  I have a Contour 1 DVR.  I would guess that this happens once out of every 15 recordings. It happened today when I tried to view a show that I recorded last night.  I now record every show twice; once on HD and once on the non-HD channel.  I traded my last Contour 1 to get this current Contour 1 box.  No change.  Rebooting doesn't help.  Cox has checked my cable and my signal.  I don't have any splitters.  I am guessing that it is one of the quirks of the Contour.  being able to record 6 shows  offsets any unhappiness I have with the   Do you ever get any Missed Recordings?  I get them.  Some say " this show conflicted with a high priority recording" even tho it did not conflict with anything (and there is no way to set a High Priority" recording in the first place).  I have one tv and one DVR. 

  • yak,

    In cases where the Record6 original Contour DVR returns the error and you don't have a client box, it means the recording has become corrupted. Are you rebooting the box by holding the power button or are you unplugging it?
    As for the conflict message, if you have recordings extending before or after the start time it may not show as a conflict but could cause an error. Changing the priority of a series recording can be done under Series Manger.

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    I don't have a conflict error. I think someone else posted that problem.

    I have pulled the plug and had Cox send a reboot signal; neither solved the problem. I am recording on HD, so that shouldn't be an issue. It happened again last night.

  • Charles50,

    Following the reset you've performed, I recommend delete and reschedule the series recording that is giving you the error.

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    I did that several times. No lucik