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2017 Cox's temporary hold on your internet service is a joke, Hope the CEO and below reads this!

Your Companies methodical methodology and logic of putting customers like me or anyone else internet account on a "temporary hold" on your internet service is completely a  joke, waste of time, absolute contradictory to the very fabric idea of that which is to be held upon, which is the customers money, because the customer always right! it's not your money it's the customer's money and time they invest toward your usage of data streaming thus the internet!

No one should lie in a company to another about saving money if they're not actually saving money! Contracts are a joke service wise.

A good analogy is like a frog out of the water! the frog did not just jump out of water in the evolutionary change he adapted to the situation around him before he made that choice to stay on dry land! The same applies to world poverty and your unprofessional excuses for a non-suspension policy!

Don't direct a customer to any customer service who's is trained to keep them away from saving money and thus doubling up on their bills if they can't pay you back at that time how stupid is that. From the time they say no and maybe not even use the service for a month say they boycott? Well if it were me in charge I would not charge them for boycotting that service for 1 month like gas in a car... because of thats just stupid, ignorant, and greedy and shows you are not aware of your surroundings or empathize with world poverty. Isn't it heart breaking? Yet i could get a gym membership for $20 a month no contract and suspend my membership when ever and forever how long i wish too, only because that company, they trust and know that their customers will eventually return after jumping back out of saying a poverty hole because humans well desire improvements in the near future. Let them go and trust they will come back! That is building customer relationship not binding a person up in stupid contracts or non-suspension **! Millennials aren't stupid, go haggle the elderly but leave us Generation Y alone!

Another words build that account suspension policy for Generation Y's sake, let us save money for 1 month or longer, or we see fit to be willing to pay up your unrealistic value of internet usage *which we know and see is inflating* and watch are you getting this? Watch us continue using your service without the aggressive hospitality you so try to put on us or against us! Got that? Does any of this make sense to the leader, founder, the team at Cox? Well, you make sense of this, can you make sense of this? There's no data included because there's no data necessary just to be empathetic to your customer situations? Shocking right? 

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    I'm sorry but....what exactly is your issue? You rant and rave about a lot of things. Was there some problem someone on the SUPPORT FORUM could help you with?? It almost sounds like you have a problem with what you're paying, but you have so much pointless drivel mixed in with any actual legitimate complaining or specific details about your issue that it's hard to tell. Did your account get suspended? Or are you just a troll trying to use Cox forums as a sounding board for nonsense political statements? I suggest the admins here seriously think about removing this guy's nonsense. I'd expect some nonsense like this on Reddit but not here.

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    So I filed a complaint with the FCC and Cox called me and tried to tell me about how because of people that use high data it slows everyone else down. Basically cox is pretty much no going to tell people how they need to 'manage you data wisely'. This is ludicrous and when they drop the data cap because everyone is so upset they won't have any customers. Only the people that have to remain with them because there is not another available in the area. Cox is claiming that "we expect minimal to no impact for the vast majority of our customers." Why then are there several posts on their forums that are several pages long with people who this is affecting?

    I don't know if it will help but I put together a petition that may not go anywhere but I'm going to try. I have a family of 5 and we are all gamers and streamers. Our games patches can be anywhere from 50GB to 120GB sometimes and Cox with her data caps is basically saying I can't do things in my spare time at home because they are going to charge me for it. I don't care if I get banned from there forums for posting this but I'm going to reply to every single forum post I can find with this information and I hope something can be done. I added the link for the petition. Sign and share if you like because I'm not giving up. I don't fight for a lot but this is one thing that is going to impact my family and I don't like it.