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16 consecutive T3 timeouts while trying to range on upstream channel 3

No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out
No Maintenance Broadcasts for Ranging opportunities received - T2 time-out
MIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1

You need to send a Maintenance Technician to Check the Lines at the street and the CMTS. 
I have already has Two "Technicians" and their Supervisor out in the past two weeks. Because there is an issue causing my modem to Time Out when trying to bond to Upstream Channel 3. 
Because of this, the modem continues to attempt range non stop until it Fails offline.
This has already damaged one of my modems and now after 3 days my brand new modem is beginning to fail offline.
I display the Modem Log to both Subcontract Field Techs and their Supervisor. 
This has happened consistently over this past year. 
There is not problems with my equipment, there is no problems with the signal levels at my house. All my signals are within range and there is not ingress. 
There is a problem with the signal reaching your CMTS or coming from it. 
I have been a Cox customer for over 12 years and I've tolerated this for nearly a year. 
This needs to be resolved. I will not tolerate it any longer.

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    This is a user forum and not meant for direct support. If you need to escalate something, I would suggest calling them or emailing them. 

    If you want to troubleshoot here, can you give some data on the problem? IE your modem's signal levels? Do you already have a maintenance ticket? 

    "All my signals are within range and there is not ingress. "

    Even if the problem isn't at your property, the ingress should reflect in your signal levels. After all, if the ingress (bad signal) isn't reaching the modem, how would it effect it? If I had to guess, your Tx levels are going to be on the low side, like 36-38. 

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    Hello YQCS,

    I can investigate this matter further for you. We'll need to gather some information, can you send an email to with the account info? We'll get this figured out.