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10th Day w/o Internet in New Orleans CBD

I am now on my 10th day without Internet in the New Orleans CBD. I am now without hope that my issue will get resolved before my week off from work and the holiday break.

Shame on Cox for twice sending out subcontractors who show up late, don't know what they are doing and lie about resolving the issue.

Shame on Cox for autoclosing multiple tickets without resolving the issue.

Shame on Cox for field service technicians who don't resolve the issue within 96 hours.

Shame on Cox customer service supervisors who initially promise to call you with updates every day and then never call you again.

Shame on Cox for promising in public forums that they care about the issue, while ignoring it on the back end.

Shame on Cox. Shame on Cox. Shame on Cox.

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    It's really a shame that there are a lot of lower level Cox tech support personnel that I have dealt with in Nebraska and Arizona who know about my issue and really want to help, but that the boots on the ground in LA keep dropping the ball on getting my Internet issue resolved.

    I come from a customer service background, and the key to getting happy customers is empowering employees to follow-up and get actual results. Promises only go so far when you are supposed to be delivering a service. In fact, you are no longer a service provider if you can't provide the actual service, you are just a promise provider. You can't sell promises forever.

  • Hello,

    We can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address and a brief description of the issue to


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    I at least have internet, although, my cellular internet is much faster. I pay for the highest speed, can't seem to get anyone at Cox to get it fixed. My last speed check is 36down, 6 up. Ridiculous. So frustrating. Going on two weeks. My deadline is December 26th, it's fixed or I call Century Link. 

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    Allan, take a look at mine too if you would. I am 5 days away from firing Cox. 

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    Please send full address and the primary name of the account holder to