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1 TB hit in 3 days?

Ever since we got the new panoramic modem, our data usage increased.  Before the switch, we average 300-400gb each month.  Then July to August it jumped to 500gb then August to September, 600GB.  Now, we received an email stating 3 days into our new month we already hit the 1TB limit!!!!  How is that even possible?  We have not changed anything in terms of streaming, downloading, etc...We didn't become gamers!!!!  Now we have to have a tech come out and check the modem.  This is absolutely ridiculous!  Seeing so many complaints on this message board concerning the data cap and people seeing their usage triple and quadruple, cox is doing something to squeeze more money out of us.  If we used 1TB in only 3 days and now they are chargning $10 for every extra 50gb used, our bill we be an extra $1800 dollars?  What is going on Cox!!!!!!

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  • Sounds like you have someone from outside your home leeching off of your service.  I don't have the panoramic in my house, but I assume you still have to set it up with passwords and security.  Do you know how to login to your WiFi router to see who is connected (usually by going to from a browser connected to your WiFi).  

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    This is a Internet modem, telephone modem, and a wi-fi router all wrapped up into one, bugs to be discovered, kinks to be worked out, if one part goes down the whole thing goes down, little package. There is no UI support page. There is, however, this Cox app that will tell the OP who and what is connected to his network. He just has to find it.

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    We like to look into this please email full address and primary name on the account to