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** speeds with Premiere Internet

So to keep things short and sweet: I have ** download speeds and probably kinda crappy upload speeds as well.

I have Premiere Internet (up to 150mbps/download).

My modem (that I bought) is an Arris Surfboard SB6141.

My wireless router is Asus AC1900P.

These seem like good quality components that can handle my ISP speeds.


Wired to the modem=46mbps download

Wired to router=18mbps

My computer is like 20ft from the router with no walls so I'm basically getting the same (18mbps) with wireless connections.

When I set up my internet it was Preferred (up to 50mbps) and I used the same modem (which I believe is a docsis 3.0). We eventually got a new router the same day we upgraded the internet. The router and modem both (I believe) can handle gigabit data transfers so I think the hardware is fine.

FYI- ONE time I was testing various connections and actually got 150mbps on a speed test. I don't know what I did and can't reproduce it so I know it's possible. What could be going on here???

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    And to clarify I have done the resets on all the components.

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    Connected to modem running Cox speed test:

    Cox net - Yes

    Download Speed - 50mbps

    Upload Speed - 12mbps

    Latency - 10 millisec

    Cox Market - Oklahoma City

  • Hello currytl,

    Thank you for your email to Our Team can take a closer look at what could be limiting the speed since the upgrade.

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    It almost looks like your modem is provisioned incorrectly.  I do notice the difference in the pre/post router speeds.  That is weird, I'd recommend checking on a firmware update for that.

    Being capped at 50 is suspicious though.  If you were at 100 I'd check the NIC card to see if it was a 10/100 or a 10/100/1000 - but 50?  Half duplex on a 100mbps card? 

    I'd download the drivers for your NIC card, completely nuke the existing driver in safe-mode, then reinstall.  If you can check with another device - use or as alternate speed test utilities just to get a second opinion.