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!!!!---Constant Internet Speed Issues---!!!!

Since I have had Cox I have had constant connectivity issues. Our modem has been upgraded to the Netgear N450 CG3000Dv2 to assist with our previous connectivity issues. We were running at 15 Megs on our previous plan and had constant speed of 8 Megs MAX. I just upgraded our internet to 50 Megs and we are lucky to get 2 Megs of download speed on a good day. We are paying almost 2x the prior cost for a slower speed.

I checked our modem compatibility and it states the hardware can process up to 150 Megs of download speed.

I have hard RESET the modem and RESET the connection on the online tool multiple times now.

I understand Cox to be more reliable than other internet providers. Their customer service is extremely friendly, but unfortunately I have not been able to have any of these issues resolved.

I have our most recent speed test provided below. Of which, I see it doesn't show up. Basically, it details we are running at 1.66 Megs on download and 2 Megs on upload. Our upload speed is faster than the download!

Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello,

    Is this happening with all devices in the home or just one?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator