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YouTube App “Last” button changed function this week

I noticed the “last” button on my Contour remote has changed functions w/in the YouTube app. Rather than go back a page, say to search results, it now brings up the controls menu at the bottom of the screen.  In other words, it now functions like the main “down arrow” button. This change occurred w/in the last week. I’ve reset everything twice to no avail. It occurs on both the DVR and satellite unit, regardless of which of my 2 remotes is being used. The button still works as it has in other apps. 

Did Cox or YouTube push an update to the app, and if so, what’s the real deficiency reporting method? This makes the app essentially useless, or at best highly frustrating. 

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  • @TalonChief. Thanks for the suggestion dealing with the last button and the Youtube app. I will forward this information to our video/programming team. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.