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Support just said Contour is on Roku...

So I just got done ordering the contour service - internet plus TV via countour app - about 30 minutes ago.  I asked about what it is available on and was told Roku, Firestick, Apple store and Play store.  I questioned this as I found on the site that it said it was not available to Roku and Firestick or Apple TV.  I was assured that it was available to those (Roku and Firestick but not Apple TV) as that was what the technical department was telling the person that was helping me.  Let me clear up something right now - I know the difference between the Countour app and then individual channel apps that can be downloaded.  We are talking about the full blown Countour app.

After going through the forums here and doing some Googleing, it appears others are being told the same thing and have been told this for a while.

Is this coming in 2019 then and it's just a little "stretch of the truth" as it's something being worked on, but almost ready, but not completely ready, but soon.....  Is that the thinking?

So COX, which is it and why are people being told you can download the Contour app on Roku or Firestick, when in reality you cannot?  Is it coming soon?  If so when?  

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  • Hi Omahatodd, I apologize for the conflicting information. At this time, the Contour App is not available for Smart TVs or third-party devices like Apple TV, Firestick, and Roku. Cox product developers are working on an app for Roku that will hopefully be available in 2019. I've heard rumors that apps for Apple TV and LG and Samsung smart TVs are also being developed. I'm sure that our marketing team will flood and Cox social media pages when the Contour App for Roku is released next year. In case you're worried about missing this announcement, bookmark the following pages: and When the Contour App becomes available for third-party devices, both pages will be updated with specific device compatibility information. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator