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2 months ago

Cox Wifi App Issues

I recently upgraded to Cox Fiber and since that day I have been able to log into the Cox Wifi App; however, I get an error on the main Overview page stating 'Access not supported - To access app features, contact your account administrator to change access levels.'  I have contacted Cox support and still not able to fix my issue.  Has anyone else experienced this and able to resolve the problem?  I am currently not able to manage anything through the Wifi App.  I have the Panoramic Wifi Gateway; Brand: TECHNICOLOR and Model: CGM4140COM.

I have attempted a few things to resolve; uninstalled the app and reinstalled with no luck.  Created a secondary user and logged in with that and no luck.  I am reaching out here hoping for a lifeline to resolve the issue.  

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  • Hi, there. It may be that the system doesn't recognize the panoramic service. That's something we can resolve for you.  Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We're glad to help.