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TV isn't picking up analog channels during setup scan!

We just set up service and when running the channel scan on the television (we have TV Essential in Las Vegas) our TV is only picking up HD channels. What are we doing wrong? We have a Vizio plasma tv.

  • jukohl,

         Do you have more than 1 TV in the home?  Do you have more than one outlet in the home?

  • We have 3 televisions, and a cable outlet in every room. We paid for cable installation and were told by the installer that we would have cable in every room, that he had activated all the lines. At the time our household goods hadn't arrived yet to test the theory. The television in my bedroom was able to program correctly and pick up all of the channels, the other two were not.

  • In your TV menu make sure your TV is set to cable and not antenna. 

  • This is the most common reason for missing channels and if your channel scan stops at 13, almost definitely the cause, but you said you're only getting HD channels, which is less common.

    It is possible for one outlet to have a problem the others don't, and if the HD channels you get are freezing or tiling, you might have a signal issue. But your TV might also have a setting to only scan for digital channels.

    You may also have a separate input option for "TV" vs. "DTV" so it may have found both sets of channels but you're only seeing one. If you give us the model number of your TV we can check if Vizio has the manual online so we can see if this is buried in there somewhere.

  • My TV's were all set to Cable, not antenna. The 1 television is a Vizio VP42HDTV20A. The other television that did not set up correctly is a Viore LC22VH66PB. Thanks!