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HDHomeRun Prime CableCARD Authorization Troubles

I recently bought and have been attempting to install a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime, a device that uses a CableCard and is certified by CableLabs and Cox. Upon setting up the device and going through the CableCard pairing and authentication process with a CSR, I am only able to receive a handful of channels that I should have access to (all "in the clear", TWC, Outdoor,  DIY, and Cooking channels to be precise). All other channels when I attempt to tune to them will bring up a message saying "Subscription Required". Since the CSR couldn't figure out why all the channels weren't coming through and getting unlocked, a tech came out this Monday to see if he could figure it out. After spending almost 2 hours verifying signal quality and strength to the device and trying a different and brand new CableCard, the tech was unable to make any progress on the issue and said I should replace the device as I must have received a defective unit. However, after exchanging the device for a new one, I am still experiencing the exact same issue. I spent 2 hours on the phone discussing the issue with SiliconDust tech support, even talking to their lead technician, and they were unable to find any issues with the device itself. They say that it must be an issue with Cox not unlocking the channels on the CableCard. All the CSRs I've talked to can't make heads or tails of the issue as they only seem to know how to send a "refresh" to the CableCard which does nothing to help resolve the issue. In summary, I'm stuck and am not sure where to go from here, and how can I get in touch with someone from Cox who will actually be able to help resolve my issue.

Also, I am in the Cox Kansas (Wichita) service area.

Thank you,