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Mygica A680B for use w/Windows Media Center or it's own software for Cable watching

Is it possible to use a Mygica A680B or other USB HDTV Tuners on PCs with Cox? It seems that only Antenna stations come in or very basic free stations. Is there a block as to why I wouldn't be able to have it work the same way that I have my TV connected through a coax and not a cable box?

  • Hi deezyfresh, are you trying to run your cable connection through the device? What type of TV set do you have? Is it an HD TV?
  • Mike,

    I put a splitter from the wall so I can have the tv as normal, and to try the adaptor for set up w/cable and not an antenna. There is only one cable box/dvr and that is located in a different room so I'm not connected to that. I'm in Arizona if that also helps. On the TV I get the normal stations I am subscribed to (less the digital & hd which require the box). When I set up the adapter I do not have anything else besides what would be considered OTA.

    It seems that COX in AZ requires a TIVO only to use a cablecard so now I'm wondering if this is the case with these adapters and they are blocked from use and therefore useless.

  • From what I can see, the MyGica only has QAM and ATSC tuners.  The QAM will work giving you the clear QAM (network OTA) channels on Cox cable.  ATSC will work with OTA antennas.  The basic stations you ask about are still analog in most markets, the MyGica stick doesn't contain an analog tuner so it won't receive those stations.  Cox isn't blocking them, the stick just doesn't have the correct tuner.  This is until Cox goes all digital in your market ... then you won't get anything ... you will need a cable card or box to receive any station.  Cox is scrambling all channels when they go all digital.

  • You might want something more like the the Hauppauge HVR-850 or HVR-995Q

  • even those 2 items seem like the signals will be blocked. oh well. the seller is working with me on a return as a defective unit. Thanks for the help and maybe I can save someone else time and headaches.