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Sound Dropouts

Getting random sound dropouts on both TV's, one in the den and the other in the computer room / office. I can best describe this as like hitting mute / unmute for a duration of about 1/2 second. Does not happen on every channel but more pronounced on the local channels, HD or not, doesn't matter. Picture remains unblemished, just the sound drops occur. Frequency of the drops appears to be once / minute. Since it happens on both sets, I would assume that it is not my TV's or setups, etc. but rather a COX problem up the wire somewhere. Have not contacted Tech Support yet as that can be a chore in itself. Never THEIR fault and so on. Any ideas what I can do on my end to maybe ferret out the problem would be appreciated, thanks.

Area: South Kenner, La.

  • With no video drop out that is really odd.  If you have not already I would completely remove your HDMI cable from both your TV and your Cable box.  Several different reasons this would effect both TVs but most common would be a power issue within the home caused the handshaking between the HDMI and the TVs to have an issue.   Also if your boxes lost power when they should not have it has been know to reset your settings.  If your audio settings on the box have been set to something that your system does not support it could cause any number of issues. 

    However,  You are correct that the most common issue would be some kind of signal issue with the wireing in the home all the way to something at the head off at cox.  So before you give them a call check all connections you have.  I would also look for any connection that you can reach that are close to where the drop comes in your home.  Since this is effecting both TVs it would reason that the problem is with a shared connection. 

    That is all that comes to mind that you can try with out calling Cox.

  • This happens in Phoenix too, especially MSNBC (ch. 1063). Very annoying.

  • I am on at least my 2nd Whole Home Box and am nearly at my wit's end!  Super Angry

    My longtime trouble has been with a consistently unconsistent stutter in AUDIO only (have even moved to optical audio line between cable and my Onkyo audio receiver but still have trouble)!  This is the first I saw of stutter problems and hoped my problem was related.

    I describe it as a slowly worsening stutter in audio that goes completely quiet after about 3-5 seconds and then corrects several seconds later.  It can happen during live TV, recorded DVD programming, etc.  I can rewind 10 sec back and hear everything just fine?!?!?

    I wish I had never raised my hand for whole home as it has been nothing but troubles, with all reboots I have had to do over past 2-3 years.  Long time bundled customer looking for answers.  COX has definitely had its ups and downs in Customer Svc over the years too!