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Does Cox plan on adding this channel?

  • We just found out abour beln sport now having exclusive rights ot serie a and la liga...we must have it on cox please.  It is beln sport usa, not bein.  :)

  • Please add Bein Sports tv. La Liga starts today and we will not be able to watch Real Madrid or Barcelona. Dish and DirecTv already have this channel. Don't be left behind! Don't make us reconsider our cable provider. This is a big deal for soccer fans. 

  • As a soccer fan in America it is crucial that I have BeIn sports. They cover the best leagues in the world and all you guys offer is Fox Soccer which has shocking commentary and glichy picture most of the time. Please make this available to cox customers or people like me will switch to direct tv in a heartbeat. I have been with cox forever but I can't take this any longer. Give it to me or I'm gone

  • Soccer fans need beIn to be added to your listing.  Paying 14-15 for a sports package and not being able to watch La Liga is just not fair.  Seriously reconsidering getting dish if this is not done in a timely manner.  Thanks.

  • Add another request to the list.  And please hurry.  Needless to say, it should be in HD.