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IR Remote Control versus HDMI-CEC Dilemma

HDMI-CEC chooses the source (and its power on/off) for your HDTV based on which HDMI input has the CEC handshake.  But the 8642HDC doesn't support the handshake Sad

Holding down the power button on the URC-8820 remote turns EVERYTHING ON... requiring you to manually (using the remote) turn off the DVD/BluRay and AUX to get just the TV and STB (set-top box).

Then I ran across a description of an AT8400 remote that can be programmed to only turn on certain devicesCan the Cox URC-8820 remote be so programmed?

Maybe the HDMI-CEC support issue will gradually solve itself., I ran across this tidbit:

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Explorer 8642HDC Digital Set-Top Box Legacy Products

  • It's my understanding that the remote can either toggle the power on all devices or individual devices only.  For my viewing needs I currently turn on just the TV and the set top box (if it's not already on) which produces the desired result.

  • After much digging thru the web I find that Cox' URC-8820 remote is made by UEI.

    On the UEI page I find a device labeled URC-8820, but a different visual that Cox'

    The UEI URC-8820 is macro-programmable to do partial or all on/off.

    I tried the UEI codes, but they didn't work.

    Does anyone know if Cox' (UEI) URC-8820 is macro-programmable?  And how to do it?

  • The Cox remotes have just the one preset macro program that I know of. That is the holding down power for it to cycle power on all devices.  As Far as setting up your own macro program I could not find that in the manual for the Remote I have.  I have the silver faced one not sure what model number.