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Not so FreeZone

Hmm, it used to be that  I could see at least 6  of the 12  "free " movie channels now going through the selection process only yields "Subscribe Now!" The only one the works now TCM and FX... both which  are 'free" anyway. 

  • Hi There,

    Some Freezone content is tied to the channels you "subscribe" to through Cox. For example, you can only watch HBO On Demand if you subscribe to HBO on your Cox account. In the same fashion, the Sundance and IFC channels are located in the group of channels called Movie Pak; if you have the Movie Pak of channels on your Cox account, you can view all of the Sundance and IFC On Demand content.

    These are requirements dictated by the broadcast networks that allow us to offer their content in On Demand. Broadcast rights govern the distribution of copyrighted content & thus limit what--and how--we can offer content in OnDemand.

  • Thanks I do realize that certain things are tied to movie packs but I am refering to the fact the channels I could watch on Friday have disappeared on Saturday . in example , did Cox alter the channels  at that time? Thanks 

  • Well  an email tech rep did admit that Cox was re-shuffling the  "Free Zone" but they would be happy to restore previously  "free" channels for $7/month apiece !!! Thanks but no thanks.

  • Copyright Protection laws permits the owner of the copyright in a literary or artistic work to prevent that work from being copied, broadcast or communicated to the public by cable television. The copyright owner can then license other parties to use the work on either an exclusive or a non-exclusive basis. 

    All the changes we make to content in the Cox On Demand Freezone are dictated by the broadcast network or company that owns the content. 

    For example, when FEARnet was added to the Freezone, it was not initially tethered to a specific subscription or channel package (per our agreement with FEARnet.) Once the FEARnet channel was officially launched and added to the Cox channel lineup,  FEARnet can dictate to us how they want their content made available.

    I apologize that the changes are frustrating. Every cable television and satellite TV company abides by the same laws.

  • Then would it be too much to ask to remove those types of programs out of the FREE ZONE, as they now are no longer free